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  • Telomeres Research Shows Increased Lifespan

    Have a Look at the Evidence . . .
    Dr. Sears has been talking about telomeres and health for years. Modern science is beginning to catch on.

    We now know that telomere length is a key indicator of your overall health. The latest evidence from the most highly regarded sources keeps mounting…

    Aging/Los Angeles Times4
    Your risk of heart attack increases the faster your telomeres break down. Scientists looked at people in perfect health . . . who later died from heart disease. They found the death rate from heart attack was three times higher for men whose telomeres got short the fastest. The death rate for women was 2.3 times higher. (2009)

    Journals of Gerontology5
    100 year olds in good health had “significantly longer” telomeres than those with health problems. (2008)

    American Heart Association6
    People with shorter telomeres in their immune cells had twice the risk of death from heart failure as patients with the longest telomeres. The study, published in one of its key journals, looked at over 750 people with heart disease. The highest-risk group had telomeres half the length of the lowest-risk group. (2008)
    Psychosomatic Medicine7
    Women with shorter telomeres are more likely to be overweight and insulin resistant. (2008)

    American Association for Cancer Research8
    One of its flagship journals published a potential link between telomere length and colon cancer. (2006)

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences9
    People with short telomeres are more likely to suffer from weaker immune systems and greater heart disease risk. (2004)

    And here’s the kicker: last year the prestigious journal Lancet backed up Dr. Sears’s 6 steps to switch on your immortality gene.10

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