Aging and Telomeres

how telomeres control the aging proccess

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2. The 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine was given for an astounding discovery which reveals the secret to aging. It gives us real information in how we can reverse the aging process. It is as close as we have come to a fountain of youth.

The discovery was the telomere which is the “tail” of each chromosome in each of our cells. It has been known to exist for a long time but was thought to have no real function. However, with this discovery it shows that telomeres are not non-functional but play a critical part in the aging process of the human body.

But there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that each time your cell divides the telomeres shorten. Eventually it shortens enough that the cell can no longer function and without the telomeres the DNA coil unravels and becomes worthless or dies. The telomere is therefore critical because the length determines how many times the cell can divide.

The good news is that an enzyme called telomerase can restore the telomeres. Most of our cells come into the world preset at around 60 divisions. The toxins of our world also hasten the telomeres shortening process and promote aging. So the key is to find a way to keep our cells producing telomerase enzyme without harming us.

There are ways and nutrients which will help keep our telomeres from shortening as rapidly and keep up our supply of telomerase.
There are many different nutrients that can influence telomeres length. There are different vitamins which seem to activate the production of the telomerase enzyme which positively influences telomeres. This web site is dedicated to helping you find the most up to date information on this subject. We scour the internet and research sites to bring you this information and the products that will help you accomplish a long and healthy life. Live long and prosper.

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